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  • The mill of Brienne la Vieille

    07 août 2007

    The mill of Brienne la vieille as it used to look like for centuries before it was intentionnaly burnt some months ago. Brienne la vieille was a harbour from where wood, oak timbers of the forest called "Forêt d'Orient" were sent towards Paris by the...

  • Dienville, harbour and saturday evening events

    10 août 2007

    Un grêbe huppé blessé à la dérive, jeux d'enfants et danses pour adultes, le port de moto-nautisme de Dienville sur le lac arificiel Amance alimenté par l'Aube. A one-legged wounded eared grebe, children games and grown-up dances near the motor-boat harbour...

  • 1st of may 2004 in Troyes

    10 août 2007

    On a sunny day, the 1st of may 2004 an international walk to celebrate the workers'day in Troyes. The parents of a young new leader of the left mouvement in Finland recently elected as representative for Helsinki can be recognized. Célébration internationale...

  • Lac du Temple : wildlife and angling

    11 août 2007

    Lake du Temple, 2000 hectares of still water surrounded by a protected natural environment. Angling, boating and sailing for everyone. (from Caron in the village Radonvilliers) Le lac du Temple, 2000 hectares dans un parc naturel protégé. Pêche, canotage...

  • Piney : houses and protections

    14 août 2007

    Half-timbered architecture in Piney with several ways for protecting the clay from the rain : wood or slate. One of them (bottom left) belonged to the dukes of Pinay-Luxembourg. The name of Forêt d'Orient is said to come from the last one Aimé-Charles...

  • Hand water pumps

    15 août 2007

    Hand water pumps are disappearing. Most of them finish their life broken among cast iron mountains in the garbage park around our towns and villages. Some are still in working order and were made by known artists like Alfred Corneau of the Corneau's brother...

  • Villiers-le-brulé

    17 août 2007

    n Villiers le brûlé a village on the road between Piney and Brévonnes, close to Villehardouin. Geoffroi de Hardouin wrote an history of the conquest of Constantinople. Fourth crusade (1202-1204). Un village sur la route entre Piney et Brévonnes, près...

  • April picnic in Bar sur Aube

    17 août 2007

    April 2007 was a very sunny month. Some photos from a video of a pinic on Sainte-Germaine Hill above the city of Bar sur Aube. and the Aube valley. Avril 2007 a été un mois très ensoleillé. Quelques photos extraites d'une video d'un pique-nique sur la...

  • Troyes : between old and new times

    19 août 2007

    Half an hour ride from Brienne is Troyes the main city of the Aube department. You'd find almost everything hospital, university, museums, libraries... Steel and glass architecture and very fine half-timbered buildings and houses. A une demi-heure de...

  • Tavillons in Brienne area

    21 août 2007

    Half-timbered walls are made of earth, lime, straw and sometimes hair of cows and they need to be protected when they are oriented towards wind and rain. "Tavillons" , wooden planks are used. They can last more than one century, some exemples. Les murs...

  • Belle de jour - Belles de nuit ; flowers and movies

    22 août 2007

    "Night beauties" and "Beauty of the day" for a child and a teen ager were two movies. The first one by René Clair with Gina Lollobrigida and Gérard Philippe, the second by Luis Bunuel with Catherine Deneuve and Michel Piccoli. "Four'o clock" (mirabilis...

  • Flowers and humblebee

    26 août 2007

    Some flowers of our garden and a visitor "humblebee". I prefer this english word, handsome and unpretentious bee to the french "bourdon" so close to "a fit of depression" . Quelques fleurs de notre jardin. Un visiteur : un bourdon, le mot anglais est...

  • Here comes the sun (in Radonvilliers)

    29 août 2007

    This morning, sunrise behind the clouds. The Beatles were singing for me. Sunrise this morning on the lake Amance from Radonvilliers dyke. You may hear the Beatles on

  • The podium of Spoy

    30 août 2007

    Spoy is a small village in the Champagne area with a roman bridge. French sheep get better results than our athletes in Osaka World championship. Spoy est un village dans la région productrice de champagne dans l'Aube. Ses moutons obtiennent de meilleures...

  • Street signs in Radonvilliers. Panneaux routiers

    01 septembre 2007

    The monthly DP theme for September is "street signs or street lighting". I thought it was impossible to find something about this theme in my small area. This evening walk in the streets of Radonvilliers gave me some opportunities. You'll not see the...

  • The "go-between" : Grèbe huppé between Amance and Auzon-Temple lakes

    02 septembre 2007

    The "go-between" : Eared grebe between the lakes Amance and Auzon-Temple. This photo was taken from the bridge above the junction canal between the two lakes. The small waves and the sun gave that colour. "Le messager" : un grèbe huppé entre les deux...

  • Champagne : grape-picking in process. Début des vendanges Côte des Bars

    03 septembre 2007

    Grape-pickers have begun to collect the grapes for Champagne early this year. Début de vendange précoce pour le champagne dans la côte des Bars. Bonus : video de Jacques Higelin "Champagne"

  • Lake Amance 8 o'clock today : a blue heron and the grebes meeting

    04 septembre 2007

    The young eared grebes born this year are about to leave their parents, they are still shouting after them, begging for food and within two weeks it will be the big departure. After their small family restricted life for spring and summer they begin to...

  • Brienne-la-vieille waterfalls

    04 septembre 2007

    I try Windows live writer with some pics of the waterfall of Brienne la Vieille this afternoon. You must click on the photo to get a larger one. Essai de Windows live writer pour poster ces photos de la chûte d'eau de Brienne la vieille prise cet après-midi...

  • Bar sur Aube medieval market

    08 septembre 2007

    Champagne had several very big market ( "foire" ) during the medieval period : Troyes, Bar sur Aube, Provins... Each year there is a medieval market revival in Bar sur Aube. La Champagne avait plusieurs grandes foires au Moyen-Age : Provins, Bar sur Aube,...

  • Amance brickyard

    11 septembre 2007

    Amance is both a lake, a river which was a tributary to the river Aube and a village. In this village are one brickyard and one pottery in working order. Amance est tout à la fois un lac, une rivière qui était un affluent de l'Aube et une commune. Dans...

  • Hamlet : "L'autre monde" ( and Téléphone)

    12 septembre 2007

    Unienville is a small village near Dienville. One of its hamlet is called "L'autre monde" ( the other world). The french band "Téléphone" sang "I've dreamed about an other world..." some years ago. Unienville est un petit village près de Dienville. L'un...

  • Brienne le Château arboretum

    13 septembre 2007

    Lots of fine trees can be seen in the discrete arboretum of Brienne le Château. For instance, a Lawson cypress, a juniper and a crimson beech on the first picture in front of a small vineyard. Brienne is no longer and not yet allowed to produce Champagne....

  • Back homeward from the vineyard

    15 septembre 2007

    Waiting to be allowed to produce Champagne some farmers work hard in the section of Brienne le Château which was called "section des Vignes" in the first " Napoleon cadastre". En attendant la reconnaissance pour produire du Champagne des vignerons de...

  • Bonaparte and his military school in Brienne

    14 septembre 2007

    Bonaparte was a pupil from 1779 ( he was then ten years old) to 1784 of the Royal military school of Brienne le Château. In April 1805, Bonaparte as Napoleon, Emperor of the French stopped in Brienne on his way to Milan to put the king crown of Italy....

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