Champagne : grape-picking in process. Début des vendanges Côte des Bars

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Grape-pickers have begun to collect the grapes for Champagne early this year.

Début de vendange précoce pour le champagne dans la côte des Bars.

Bonus : video de Jacques Higelin "Champagne"


Video Live Higelin : Champagne

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Mandy Smith 03/09/2007 14:59

I was actually intending to comment on the lovely grebe photo but instead am at the comments for the grapes - guess if I drink too much champagne I might join the duck.

deslilas 03/09/2007 11:48

They pick the graps by hand with a tool, then they carry the grapes into plastic boxes 50 kg each and a last they use tractors to drive the crop to the cellar...
May be a future post about.

Leena 03/09/2007 11:02

Oh, lots of grapes :)
I could get almost same kind of pictures as last one, but they could be currants.
are those people gathering grapes, which the machine leaves behind ?