Last summer morning in Chantemerle and Pinceloup

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 In spite of its small size Radonvilliers has several hamlets. Some of them have interesting name. For instance Pinceloup and Chantemerle.
Pinceloup (or pinceleu) in old french was a trap for wolf, a mantrap.
Chantemerle is the name of several villages or hamlets in France, after the verb chanter, to sing and the name of an animal, here the blackbird (merle). With the same pattern in other places may be found Chanteloup or Canteleu(for the wolf), Chantereine ( for the frog), Chantegrue ( for the crane), Chantepie (for the magpie)...

Below these two hamlets this morning, last day before the fall or autumn.

Radonvilliers est un petit village de près de 700 habitants. Il comprend plusieurs hameaux avec des noms intéressants, notamment Pinceloup et Chantemerle.
Pinceloup rappelle le vieux français pour piège à loup.
Chantemerle est un nom assez courant construit sur le verbe "chanter" et le nom d'un animal, le merle dans le cas présent, la grenouille pour Chantereine, le loup Chanteloup et Canteleu. Chantegrue,Chan,tepie, Chantoiseau...





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Ruth 20/09/2007 11:53

How pretty. And look at all that firewood stacked! Someone is ready for winter.