Sumacs in "La Chaise"

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Owing to the blog of Ruth, I've discovered the name of the tree "Sumac" and now I notice sumacs everywhere in the woods, near the lakes, in some gardens... Once more, it's important to put a name on something.
The house next to the churchyard of La Chaise has a sumac fence and a bigger one in its yard.

Grâce au blog de Ruth j'ai découvert le nom d'un arbre, le sumac et désormais j'en aperçois presque partout. Une fois de plus, il est important de pouvoir mettre un nom, d'être capable de nommer. La maison la plus proche de l'église de La Chaise a une haie de sumacs et un plus grand sumac orne sa cour intérieure.
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april 18/10/2007 22:17

Beautifully idyllic. I am in love with France and your photoblog is turning up the heat! I am curious if this sumac is poisonous? (Ours in FL can be.) Regardless, it is so pretty.

Ruth 10/10/2007 10:54

Yay! This is exciting. I'm glad you notice them now. Their leaves and shape are such a delight to me now, I hope they will be to you too.