Barn in Unienville

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Ruth 29/10/2007 10:21

A great scene for a picnic. I love the photo.

Mandy Smith 28/10/2007 19:49

a very excellent photograph.

Steve Buser 28/10/2007 15:46

Well worn... well done.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Tildi 28/10/2007 10:08

I've taken a look at your photos today which were recommended by a friend of mine in Vitry (Nathalie Melet)
A very interesting site and great photos, even more so because your comments are written in English.
I'm English and i've been living in Brienne almost 2 and a half years, good to find you, keep up the great photography!
I'll be playing with my Jazz Trio for the Photography exhibition 'mare aux fées' 17 Novembre, perhaps i'll see you there?
Regards , Tildi