L'Aube, avril 2008 et 2007

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L'Aube, avril 2008 et 2007

8 avril 2008, l'Aube se réveille sous la neige.
Il y a un an, c'était le printemps dans la vallée suisse de Troyes et sur le bord du lac d'Orient sur l'un des pontons du Club Nautique de la Haute-Seine.

8th april 2008, snow falls upon the Aube.
One year ago, we had a warm april in the "vallée suisse" in Troyes and on one of the landing stage of the Sailing club "CNHS" along the lake of Orient.

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gerald 11/04/2008 12:24

That middle photograph is priceless!!

Leena 09/04/2008 08:18

I am sorry about your snow, really, in this time of year there.We have got a lot of rain nowadays and snow is melting in a rush, everything is wet and , but it belongs to our spring as you know.

Hoping sunny days to you there and also some for us here.