Dienville : Eglise Saint-Quentin

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16 mars 2008

Dienville : Eglise Saint-Quentin


L'église Saint-Quentin de Dienville et quelques détails extérieurs.
The church of Dienville and some outside details.
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Stina 17/03/2008 01:40

Unexpected encounters are sometimes lots of fun =). Thanks for the little dark haired girl for contacting me back, I cannot wait to pass her comments to my mom and grandmom.

Interesting blog and wonderful photos! Those gargoyles are fun but a little creepy, I must admit. I wonder why they made those? To keep something away?

deslilas 16/03/2008 22:42

And the dark-haired little girl remembers too very well your mother and grand-mother.
Strange meeting via Internet.
We, she and I, go for a walk along the streets of Kaskinen - a fine city - each time we go to Finland.
Helo from Troyes and Radonvilliers

Stina 16/03/2008 20:14

Greetings from Seattle! I was searching info & pics about Turjan koulu from the net and found your Dec 17 post. Imagine my suprise when I recognized my mom's classphoto! She is the little girl in the 4th row, second from the left. I showed her what I found and she laughed and said that she remembers this dark haired girl well and sends her warm spring greetings from Kaskinen.