Moon and cloud sea above the valley of Bourg St Maurice

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Some days ago in the morning, the valley of the river Isère near Bourg St Maurice was under the clouds while the mountains were waiting for the sunrise. The moon was over the Beaufortin.

Un matin avant le lever complet du soleil, la vallée de l'Isère entre BourgSt Maurice et Aime était sous une mer de nuage. La lune était aussi du Beaufortin

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John Crean 06/11/2007 19:15

Beautiful. Being above the clouds has been rare for me. Only twice in my life - once in the summer of 1969, working in a logging outfit on the Olympic Peninsula, in the State of Washington (USA)and the second in 1970 in Semmering Austria. Thanks for these pictures. It's been too long.

Kerri 01/11/2007 21:13

Very beautiful shots! Makes my heart sing!

Ruth 30/10/2007 09:59

Oh my gosh, both scenes are majestic and breathtaking. The cotton blanket, and the moon over the mountains. Just gorgeous.