Port-Dienville in autumn

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deslilas 27/09/2007 17:38

The grass will stay green even under the snow for several days each year. The tree in the middle of the balls is a aspen( haapa suomeksi or tremble en français). We do have also some birches, yours are whiter than ours.
The glass house is the "port authority buiding". Few people are lucky enough to work in such place. An other glass house has been built close to the other lake (Temple) for the administration and regulation of the two artificial lakes. Within some weeks they will be almost empty (except some protected areas for fishes)in order to receive water from the river Aube and prevent the overwhelming of the Seine and floods in Paris and other cities.
Thanks for your message and your blog about Joensuu.

Leena 27/09/2007 16:27

It`s green over there, perhaps it will stay green the whole winter. We have lived one year in Scotland and it was quite green except three snowy days.
Is that tree in the midmost photo a birch?
and what is this "glass house"?
nice landscapes there!