Walnuts ready to drop in Unienville

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Ready to fall walnuts in Unienville.

Noyer à Unienville. Noix sur le point de tomber.

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womtigley 21/09/2007 12:48

I have been out looking and the ones I have found are not quite ready yet. I will of course go back and bagged myself some.
Thank you for you visit and comment today, I have a had a quick look around here and I also will be back for more. I will link you from 'Wiggers World'

seiji 21/09/2007 11:57

hmmm j adore les noix.
Qd je tais petit, mon oncle avait un arbre à noix et ons e régalait.
Quand je cassais bien les coques, ca faisait des mini bateaux.